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What is Ancientsites and the Ancientsites Alliance?

Ancientsites (aka AS) was a website created by Cybersites and was an online community of people interested in Ancient History.
It allowed a user to join, becoming a member of a particular family of a city. There were many families within the cites of Rome, Athens, Egypt (there was never a particular city for Egypt), Tara, Machu Picchu, Babylon, and New York (for those not as interested in Ancient history, but American).
Once a member, you could join other groups, again organised into cities, or take part in discussions on their family boards or on the global boards. There was also chat rooms, quizzes and games available. You were given a homesite, which was made up of an entrance, a courtyard, a library and a study, which could be changed however you wanted, and you could leave other people messages at their homes, or telegram them if they were online as well.
Ancientsites was closed on March 30, 2001, as Cybersites was no longer financially able to maintain the site. The did build a replacement site, called the Ancientvine, but that seems to no longer be working either.

Many families and groups moved to the Ancientvine to keep going with their activites, however many also moved elsewhere. The Ancientsites Alliance (aka the ASA) was set up to help keep the families and groups in contact with each other, by providing replacement Global Boards and also links to as many of the families and groups that we have found to date. Treasure - What

We hope that the families and groups will continue to meet together like they did at AS, despite the fact that they are now spread over several different sites. We also hope that the ASA will help keep these families/groups attracting new members from both the original AS community, and newcomers as well, by giving them a means of finding each other. Groups and families that set up at the Ancientvine we now no longer know the location of, but we hope we will find them elsewhere sooner or later. We are starting to add groups to our lists that were not at AS to begin with, so that we continue to have a wide variety of groups for you to choose from!
That's why we encourage people to take part in the discussions of the ASA messageboards, whether you are from Ancientsites or not, to help keep the Ancientsites community alive, albeit a bit separated! :-)

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