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The Group lists contain groups that were originally at AS, and also groups that are "Friends of the ASA", ie. they were not originally at AS, but are at one of the main community sites that AS refugees moved to. The global groups list contains groups that are about areas that were not originally covered by Ancientsites, such as Asia and Australia.
Egyptian Groups Greek Groups Mesopotamian Groups
Ancient American Groups Colonial Groups Roman Groups
Celtic Groups Global Groups

The Family lists are of the few surviving AS families that we have found.
Egyptian Families Greek Families No Babylonian Families found
Machu Picchu Families No New York Families found Roman Families
Taran Families

The People list shows where some individuals have relocated to.
Global list of people

Finally, the Communities list links to information about the main community sites that are linked to at the ASA.
All The World’s a Stage CommunityZero
Ancient Domains HistoryWalker
ASA CommunityThe Lost Worlds
Ancient TimesPan Historia

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