I've decided to officially put the ASA into 'hibernation' so to speak. I do not have the time to continue maintaining the site, and nor do I see the need to with Ancient Worlds and many other community sites firmly running and creating a new community environments.

The website will still be in existance, as it would be a useful tool for newcomers to find communities that suit them. Maybe in the future I will refurbish it so that it is primarily a community-search type site, than a AS group list type site.

The MSN site and the YahooGroups mailing list parts have several months before the host sites will want to delete them for lack of use. I will decide then what happens to them, although maybe I'll just post the occasional message there to keep them running. Everyone is more than welcome to use them if they want to, I will not be preventing their use.

In the future, there maybe something different I am thinking about creating - a sort of web-based history game or something, but I will use the ASA mailing list at a later date to tell you more about that if it ever gets off the ground.

Thankyou for everything that everyone has done for the ASA over the last 2 and a bit years! Especially thankyou to Pros and Nilaja for their huge contributions to the community sites both at CommunityZero and MSN! Thankyou to our scouts who helped make the PeopleFinder as large as it is now, and everybody else who has helped so much! If I were to list them all, it would take way too much room, but you know who you are! It's all been very appreciated!

The ASA can come out of hibernation whenever it needs to, but as that would mean that one of the large community sites would be closing down again, hopefully it won't have to.
Thankyou once again,
Thea Didius
Co-ordinator, ASA